Supporting rangatahi to have their say

30 August 2019

Aotearoa New Zealand is currently renewing its Biodiversity Strategy. Our indigenous plants, animals and ecosystems are in serious trouble. We have 4,000 species at risk of extinction, and natural ecosystems in decline.

Have Meaningful Impact

Image with words 'We don't want to be the last ones to look up at a Rata Tree' and hashtag this is our whenua

Our natural environment needs protecting, and the voice of young people can help make sure that happens. To have your say, visit and tell the government why our environment is important to you! Submissions close on 22 Septemeber. #thisisourfuture

What is The Hive?

Image of cartoon coffee cup with words 'Have coffee? The climate crisis will change that.'

Imagine a world where every single young person was consulted on the big issues that would affect them, both now and in the future. 

If we want to live in Aotearoa where everyone gets to have a say on government policy, we reckon involving young people is pretty much a no-brainer. 

Right now, it can be difficult for young people to engage in consultation on policy. But not for long! 

Introducing...The Hive! Created by young people for young people, The Hive is a way for the rangatahi of New Zealand to have their voices heard by the people who make important decisions about our country’s future. 

Right now, we’re looking for young people to tell us why the environment and biodiversity matters to them. 

And, if everything goes to plan, The Hive will keep growing and growing, giving young people the opportunity to make submissions on all sorts of policies. 

We can’t wait to see young people across Aotearoa take up this opportunity to have their say.

Image of cartoon pointing finger with words 'Will you be able to spot a Maui's dolphin in 20 years?' and hashtag this is our land