Healthy Adolescent Development - A Day with Dr Sue Bagshaw

Start: 19 November 2015, . Finish: 19 November 2015, .

This seminar will be of interest to professionals working with youth. It will be a practical, skill-based seminar and a wonderful opportunity to learn from a very special practitioner.

Dr Sue Bagshaw is a legend in the field of youth health. She is the Senior Medical Officer at Christchurch’s 298 Youth Health Centre, Director of the Collaborative Trust, a Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics at Otago University, and an internationally acknowledged expert in youth health.

During this one-day seminar there will be three sessions which will cover:

  • Key skills and attitudes needed to be a youth-friendly professional and a youth development model of care.
  • Growing up in today’s world: with a special look at sexual health in the developing person. Also drug and alcohol issues – danger signs and caring support.
  • Mental health issues – mental wellness compared with mental illness, issues around labelling and pathologising. She will also look at cutting/self-harming and how to support and care for young people doing this.

Where: Kohia Education Centre, Gate 1, 78 Epsom Avenue, Epsom, Auckland (Parking in Student Carpark, Gate 2, Top Floor Only is reserved for Kohia Ctr)
When: 19th November 2015 from 9:15am – 3:00pm morning tea only provided

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