Young people planting in Ohinemutu

20 August 2014

On 20 June 2014, the Rotorua Youth Environment Forum coordinated a planting and clean up day at Ōhinemutu alongside the local community and Sustainable Coastlines. Local school students planted 250 plants along Lake Rotorua and cleaned up the rubbish that collects at the mouth of the Utuhina Stream.  

What is the Rotorua Youth Environment Forum?

The Rotorua Youth Environment Forum (RYEF) is a group of secondary school students established and supported by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. RYEF organises activities and events aimed at increasing environmental awareness amongst the young people of Rotorua. The focus for the past three years has been on cleaning up the Utuhina Stream which runs through urban Rotorua.

The clean up day

Ohinemutu Clean Up day

Above is a photo of the young people getting briefed on what the day involves.

Local school students planted 250 plants along the Lake and cleaned up the rubbish that collects at the mouth of the Utuhina Stream.  Students also discussed sustainability with Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick and Councillors Tania Tapsell and Karyn Hunt.

What else is planned?

RYEF will be holding an Eco Carnival during Conservation week in November 2014. The Eco Carnival will provide primary school pupils with the chance to learn more about the environment and how to protect it, through fun activities based on local environmental issues and solutions. While remaining fun and exciting, the stalls and activities will show children the types of things they can do to help their environment at home, in their communities or schools.

The group hopes to hold more events in the future and get students from around Rotorua excited about the environment.

This story was written by Patience Ngara, member of the Rotorua Youth Environment Forum.