Manawatu Youth Ambassadors

15 April 2014

The Manawatu Youth Ambassadors are a group of 19 young people who are involved in leadership roles and decision making opportunties in Feilding including members of our National Youth Advisory Group and Aotearoa Youth Voices.


The Manawatu Youth Ambassadors arose in response to a Youth Forum. Funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Mayor Margaret Kouvelis and her fellow councillors initially selected 19 Youth Ambassadors to lead the way forward, envisioning that we will gain experience in leadership, community participation and local government. It was considered imperative that the voice of local youth should be heard and valued.

It was considered imperative that the voice of local youth should be heard and valued.

What they do

Members of Manuwatu Youth Ambassadors

The Manawatu Youth Ambassadors. Photo supplied by Sam Pike 

Their mission statement is "Helping youth to help others, and then to help themselves."

They work hard to develop projects that address youth concerns, and are “Hands on” in voluntary activities and community events.

To commemorate the birth of Prince George they planted a Rata tree in Manchester Square and welcomed the British High Commissioner, Vicky Treadell, to Feilding.

At Christmas they spread a little cheer by encouraging people to donate gifts to those in need, setting up a giving tree at the library. They also shared a festive morning tea with the Senior Learning Centre.

The Manawatu Youth Ambassadors also helped organise the Young Achievers Awards.

Youth Ambassadors aim

They are keen to make thier community a healthier place. They have embarked on a project to encourage healthy eating and exercise in an effort to reduce youth obesity.

If you want to support the work The Manawatu Youth Ambassadors do, or to see what they are up to go check them out on Facebook at!/pages/Manawatu-Youth-Ambassadors-MYA/731400096879720?fref=ts 

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