Stage Challenge: A backstage pass

20 August 2014

Kathryn Feldon, a 24-year old qualified Primary School Teacher currently living in the mighty Waikato, spent one month bussing around the North Island of New Zealand - to get an insight into what it takes to create the Stage Challenge events.

Kathryn Feldon

Kathryn’s 2014 journey started in New Plymouth, volunteering her way through Wellington, Palmerston North, Hawke’s Bay, Rotorua, Hamilton and finishing up in Tauranga. Kathryn stayed with friends, family and other volunteers on couches, spare beds and floors all in the name of volunteering.

After ten shows, over 1,000 kilometres in a bus, early mornings, late nights and high-fiving thousands of performers just before they grace the stage, Kathryn gained valuable life experience, made great friends and lasting memories.

Where it started

During my high school years I thrived at an opportunity to be involved in something like Stage Challenge. Having always been a behind the scenes person, in my final year a friend and I tackled the responsibility of being co-Backstage Managers for our Stage Challenge entry. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, excitement, bonding and opportunities that were presented to me through my involvement in Stage Challenge, so during my university years I decided to become a Stage Challenge Volunteer.

What I did

My roles and responsibilities ranged from setting up the venue and packing down after the event, running errands, putting up posters and signage, selling merchandise, taking photos, assistant Stage Managing, liaising with students and staff from schools, marshalling students to and from the stage plus dancing on stage during production meetings.

My journey

Throughout my journey I have gained so much experience and knowledge and also stepped out of my comfort zone and learned new things about myself. I have been reminded of the power of one team and the fact that everyone has an important role to play in the successful running of the events. Plus, the amount of effort and hard work it takes to pull off events such as Stage Challenge.

Since graduating, my hobbies such as working with youth, volunteering, music, being involved in local communities and trying new things, have helped paved the way to other opportunities I did not even dream of,ofr example, my current role as President of CanTeen Waikato. I have been continuously reminded of why I love to volunteer for events such as Stage Challenge and J Rock and will continue to step through doors volunteering presents me.”

Written by Kathryn Feldon