Spirit of Adventure

29 September 2014

The Spirit of Adventure Trust offers young people aged 15 to 18 the opportunity to experience a sail of a lifetime through their 10 day Youth Development voyage.  

Spirit of Aventure Trust

The Spirit of New Zealand is said to be one of the busiest working tall ships in the world sailing 25-29 voyages per year all over New Zealand with often very short turn-arounds.

The Spirit visits most ports in New Zealand during the year. If you are 16+ and complete a 10 day youth development programme you can return as a volunteer crew member once you are 17 years of age.

The ship accommodates 40 young people (20 males and 20 females) plus experienced crew at any one time. You do not have to be a sailor to enjoy this opportunity, but expect to help sail her once on board and learn some new skills.

All schools throughout New Zealand are offered places on the Spirit of New Zealand by the Trust. If you are interested in this opportunity talk to someone in your school or check out the Spirit website www.spiritofadventure.org.nz for more information on the 2014 Sailing Schedule and what is on offer.

Spirit Tall Ship

Get onboard Spirit of New Zealand

If you do not think you can afford this opportunity there are subsidised opportunities. Staff at the Spirit would be happy to talk to you, a family member or caregiver about this. There are also Public Sailings so check out those opportunities through the website.

Inspiration Voyage

If you are a physically challenged young person aged 16-20 years of age there is a 5 day voyage opportunity designed for you. This voyage caters for 30 young people. Each group of three trainees has assigned to them an experienced buddy who has sailed on the 10 day Youth Development voyage. Check out the website for the ‘Inspiration Voyages’ 2015 VOYAGE INFORMATION.

You need to be aged 16-20, the voyage fee and deposit $400.00 including travel - this may be covered by five carer support days. A deposit of $100.00 is required with your application.   The voyage departs on Monday 16 February 2015, joining at Princes Wharf Auckland at 10am and returns on Friday 20 February 2015, arriving at Princes Wharf Auckland at 12 noon.

Volunteer Award

On May 21, 2014 the Minister of Youth Affairs, Hon Nikki Kaye, announced the 24 recipients of a Youth Week 2014 Award in Wellington. Spirit Trainee Nick Humphries from Voyage 661 received ‘The Giving Back Award’ for volunteer services to others.

Spirit Nick Humphries

Hori (George) Turua's journey

Spirit Hori

With the support of his grandmother Christine and Ron, a long time mentor to Hori, the Spirit of Tasman Bay Trust and the Tasman District Council, Hori was able to make the voyage.

His journey took him to Auckland where he boarded the Spirit of New Zealand with 37 other trainees. They set sail for Great Barrier Island, did some tramping on Kaikoura Island and completed a beach clean-up on the way home. Hori said “learning to sail the Ship was a great experience and this included driving her and climbing to the top of the mid mast.”

Hori says “I wish I was still on it. I was a bit hesitant to go but it was probably the best things I could have done.”    

Hori was the recipient of the Amokura Award in recognition of his contribution to the voyage, which is considered the top award and is only presented to one person each trip.   Hori’s grandmother Christine and mentor Ron have noticed a change in Hori’s maturity and confidence since he returned.

The Personnel Manager at Talley’s, Greg Cox, also noted the changes. Greg is as an ex-Spirit trainee himself. His view was that even though Hori had only been with the business for a few weeks signed on as a seasonal worker, the Spirit opportunity would be good for him. Hori hopes to go back on board as a volunteer crew member in the future to assist other trainees.

Greg says: “the business supported this opportunity and as a result of Hori’s generally positive attitude and increased confidence on his return from the 10 day Voyage, his manager has now offered Hori further work.”