Auckland War Memorial Museum - Minecraft Project

21 May 2014

Auckland War Memorial Museum has teamed up with Media Design School and their 'Pick & Shovel' community to recreate ANZAC history using Minecraft®.

What is it about

As part of the centenary of the Landing on Gallipoli, Auckland War Memorial Museum is using the popular game Minecraft® to engage young people in the events which occured in 1915.

The idea is to create something which is new and innovate, while ensuring that young people develop a deep understanding of what it was like for the soldiers who landed in Galllipoli.


Mindcraft Two screenshot

Minecraft® is an award-winning video game that encourages creativity and adventure.

It allows game players to break and place blocks, working together to create virtual structures, landscapes, and worlds.

The project

The project began with a weekend build in the Armoury of the War Museum on 12 and 13 April 2014.

Fifteen young people established 'the world' and began building key landing areas from ANZAC Cove through to Razor's Edge including boats, large artillery, dugouts and trenches.

This build will be exported onto a public server, where challenges will be revealed throughout the year focusing on different items or locations that were important to ANZAC campaigns, such as building a trench, a gun or uniform etc.

Mindcraft One screenshot

Bringing it into the classroom

Minecraft is a wonderful way to engage students with a period of history.

Photographs from the museum's collection taken almost 100 years ago will provide students with the opportunity to understand what Gallipoli was like first-hand.

This is an interactive learning tool which will be created by students and used by students.

Get involved

Individuals or groups can sign up to get involved with the challenges.

From June onwards competitions will become avaliable for you to enter through using the Minecraft® world already created.

Submissions could be images or videoclips of your progress.

The Ministry of Youth Development will keep you updated through the Aotearoa Youth Voices Facebook page, so make sure you 'like' the page to keep informed.

Discover the World War One: Gallipoli in Minecraft® at the Pick & Shovel Website.