15 April 2014

iCan Youth Action Group is a youth led intiative with aims to address issues surronding bullying, promote posisitive social change and create a safer environment for young people.

iCan Group

iCan is a Feilding based intiative in which young people are selected through Te Manawa Services, the Manawatu District Council, Feilding Police and local schools. The student repersentatives a re young people who schools recognise as modelling respectful and kind behavioiur.

There is currently seven schools committed to the programme.


iCan was launched in December 2013 during the local Feilding Christmas Parade, here iCan had a stall with information about the programme and a float. This gave the team recongition in the community instantly and many people in the town were curious as to what the programme was.

On Childrens Day 2014 iCan dared hundreds to children to help a buddy. The team from Bluelught set up the Poolice Compulsory Fitness Test and the NZ Army also set up a challenging course.

Youth Week 2014