Partnership Fund

A priority for the Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) is the establishment of partnerships with business and philanthropic sectors, iwi and other government organisations to collectively engage and collaborate in order to support quality youth development opportunities.

Ministry of Youth Development

The Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) identifies youth development initiatives for rangatahi aged 12 to 24 years that supports them to increase their capability and resilience and enables them to participate and contribute confidently in their communities.

Youth development opportunities focus on:

  • Leadership – young people participating in and leading initiatives and decision making processes
  • Mentoring – young people supported to develop skills to achieve goals through mentoring relationships with adults and peers
  • Volunteering – young people contributing time, service and skills in their community
  • Enterprise - aimed specifically at generating opportunities that enable young people to develop entrepreneurial skills through focused business and enterprise initiatives
  • Wellbeing - championing and supporting the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of young people.

Partnership Fund

A key criteria for the Partnership Fund is that there is an identified partnership, with one or more funders to support youth development opportunities for more young people. MYD welcomes discussions with other organisations that are investing in the development of our rangatahi.

The Partnership Fund is not a contestable fund and does not accept applications for funding. If you have a partnership proposal for consideration that meets the key criteria above, please contact


Partnership Fund Board

The Partnership Fund Board supports the development of partnerships to provide quality youth development opportunities, and to increase information sharing, collaboration and co-investment. The Board makes investment decisions about the Partnership Fund and meets approximately four times per year.

To read more about the current Board members, visit the Partnership Fund Board page.

Partnerships Team

The role of the Partnerships team is to explore potential partnerships with business and philanthropic sectors, iwi and other government organisations to collectively engage with and collaborate to support quality youth development opportunities. The team submits partnership proposals to the Partnership Fund Board for consideration, and then implements and manages the ongoing relationships.

For more information about the Partnership Fund, please email