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This section contains an alphabetical listing of publications and resources produced or funded by the Ministry of Youth Development.

2017 Brief for Incoming Minister - Youth

Youth Voices - Consultation Reports

youth voices

The Ministry of Youth Development consulted with young people on a range of issues in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Consultations were initiated by MYD and/or in conjunction with another government agency to inform them on initiatives and policies affecting young people.

Youth Enterprise in New Zealand

The Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) recently commissioned Creative HQ to undertake research on its behalf into Youth Enterprise in New Zealand. The objective of the research was to build a list of all Youth Enterprise programmes and initiatives in New Zealand and, in turn, gain a deeper understanding of their value and impact for participants, their communities and New Zealand as a whole.

Youth Participation Research, Toolkits and Relevant Websites

Youth participation resources

The following link below will direct you to a useful list of Youth Participation research, toolkits and relevant websites.

Youth Participation Resources

youth partifipation

The following link will direct you to some useful youth participation resources.

The New Work Order: a presentation by Jan Owen

The JR McKenzie Trust and the Ministry of Youth Development partnered to offer a presentation on The New Work Order by Jan Owen AM Hon DLitt, CEO, Foundation for Young Australians (FYA). This presentation is underpinned by really valuable research undertaken by FYA. This is a crucial topic and the research presented by Jan is valuable for anyone working with young people in New Zealand. We hope you’re challenged and inspired by the presentation and, most of all, we hope you enjoy it.

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