Current Funding

The Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) – Te Manatū Whakahiato Taiohi – spends around $8.253 million a year on a wide range of youth development and youth enterprise initiatives. We fund organisations that employ a youth development approach to support the wellbeing of young people (aged 12 to 24 years) in Aotearoa New Zealand so that they are able to succeed in, contribute to, and enjoy life.


In 2018, MYD reviewed its priorities for funding from 01 July 2019 onwards. We did this to ensure MYD is working to support the Government’s focus on wellbeing and to bring a strengths-based focus on equity to this work.

We know that some young people don’t have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential and actively participate in their communities. We want to level the playing field so that all young people are empowered to live the kinds of lives they value.

We will be bringing a particular focus to supporting rangatahi Māori, Pacific young people, Rainbow young people, young people with disabilities, young women, young people living in the regions, and young people from ethnic communities, in particular those from a refugee and migrant background.

Total MYD Funding 2019/2020

For the 2019/2020 financial year, MYD has:

  • existing commitments around $2 million in multi-year contracts expiring 30 June 2020
  • around $3 million to be administered for Youth Development programmes and services through an open tender process
  • around $600,000 to be administered for Youth Enterprise initiatives through an open tender process
  • around $1.5 million to be administered through the Partnership Fund Board
  • around $1 million reserved for direct funding of pilot projects, sector capability investments and to respond to new and emerging priorities.

Open Tender Contestable Funding 2019/2020

For the 2019/2020 financial year, MYD is implementing an open tender process for funding totalling approximately $3.6m in two funding streams; a Youth Development funding stream and a Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship funding stream.

Youth Development Funding Stream

The Youth Development funding stream supports the wellbeing of young people (12 to 24 years) via a youth development approach. This is funding for holistic programmes and services that emphasise identity, belonging, connectedness and the strengths of young people.

Applications are now closed.

There is approximately $3 million available in this stream in 2019/2020.

Please note: MYD received a high volume of applications to the Youth Development funding stream. As a result, we require more time than initially expected to finalise the decisions on future youth development funding. We're working towards all applicants being informed of the results of their application by mid-June. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Further information about the Youth Development funding stream is available in the MYD Funding Guide - Youth Development Funding Stream 2019/2020.

Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Funding Stream

The Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship funding stream supports young people (12 to 24 years) to be better prepared for the future work environment through funding strengths-based enterprise education and skills development opportunities and investing in young people with business potential. These opportunities and investments will positively engage rangatahi in building skills and knowledge for life and learning, equip them to make successful transitions, and have meaningful options for making a living.

The funding will be distributed through two sub-streams, a ‘Programmes and Services’ stream and an ‘Opportunity for Young People’ stream.

The Programmes and Services funding stream is focussed on providing contributory funding to organisations to deliver enterprise activities to young people.

The Opportunity for Young People funding stream is specifically aimed at young people who have a new and/or innovative business or enterprise idea/project, to invest in them to help them progress on their enterprise journey.

Applications are now closed.

There is approximately $600,000 available in this stream in 2019/2020.

Applicants will know the outcome of the process by end-June 2019.

Applying for Funding


Applications must be submitted through the online SmartyGrants application process before the closing time. MYD will not accept applications via email or in a hard copy format.

MYD can only provide funding for the benefit of New Zealand resident young people aged 12 to 24 years.

Organisations applying for funding must be legally recognised New Zealand-based organisations. This could be a business, charity, school, or some other type of organisation. To be a legally recognised organisation it must be registered on one of the registers managed by the New Zealand Companies Office, or set up under separate legislation.

Social Sector Accreditation

To receive funding, organisations must have achieved, or be able to achieve, the required level of accreditation when assessed against the Social Sector Accreditation Standards. Additionally, if the proposed project has an adventure based learning, overnight stays, or youth emergency services component then the Outdoor Pursuits and Camp Programmes for Children and Young People Specialist Standard will also need to be met. MYD will confirm the level of accreditation required if an application is successful and provide details about how to gain accreditation. Please note that accreditation can sometimes be a lengthy process.

Successful applicants will not receive funding payments until an Outcome Agreement (OA) has been signed by both Parties and returned to MYD.

Applicants can receive an OA without their social sector accreditation being completed but they must submit the application for accreditation to within the agreed timeframe which is 30 days from the acceptance of a formal letter of offer.

Organisations that receive funding from MYD must ensure that their organisation is listed in the Ministry of Social Development’s Family Services Directory throughout the course of their Outcome Agreement with MYD and ensure that necessary information is updated when required. There is no cost involved in listing on this website.

Funding Exclusions

Each of the two funding streams has a number of funding exclusions. See the Funding Guide for the relevant stream for more information. The MYD Funding Guide - Youth Development Funding Stream 2019/2020 is available now. The MYD Funding Guide - Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Funding Stream 2019/2020 will be available in February 2019.

Assessment Process

Any application submitted after the deadline will not be assessed.

All applications submitted by the deadline will undergo initial screening to ensure all eligibility criteria have been met; including their alignment with the principles of the fund detailed in the relevant Funding Guide.

Eligible applications will then be assessed by a panel of five which will include at least one young person, at least one person from the youth development sector (youth enterprise sector for the Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship funding stream panel) and at least one person from MYD. Additional panel members may be drawn from within the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), the Partnership Fund Board or the wider youth sector. All panel members will have an excellent understanding of youth development (youth enterprise for the Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship funding stream). Clear guidance will be provided to the panel including guidance on how applications can demonstrate meeting criteria, ethical decision-making and managing conflicts of interest.

The panel will score applications against the criteria published in the Funding Guide.

The results of the panel’s assessments will be summarised and taken to a funding decision meeting where the top-scoring applications will be reviewed. Specific consideration will also be given to:

  •  whether the programme targets a priority population
  •  the geographic location(s) of delivery
  •  the applicant’s history of delivering youth development programmes
  •  the budget provided with the application.

We aim to ensure that MYD funds a broad range of programmes across the whole country and that the funded programmes reflect the Minister for Youth’s priorities for access to youth development programmes.

MYD aims to have informed all applicants of the result of their application by the end of April 2019.