This section contains an alphabetical listing of publications and resources produced or funded by the Ministry of Youth Development.

Please note: The Ministry of Youth Development no longer have hard copies of the following publications in stock. Publications are only available online.

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A Guide for local government An introduction to youth participation 2008

A Guide for Local Government: An Introduction to Youth Participation builds on youth participation good practice being undertaken by councils and young people.

An introduction and context for the development of youth policy

A guide on how councils can develop a youth policy in their area

Aotearoa Youth Voices toolkit

The Aotearoa Youth Voices toolkit is a practical guide filled with tools and ideas on how young people can participate in decision-making.


Building Strength

A review of research on how to achieve good outcomes for young people in their families, peer groups, schools, careers and communities.



Keepin' it real newsletter

A practical guide covering the basics of doing youth participation in decision-making in policy development, services and programmes



This review provides current evidence of youth-specific social marketing interventions that improved outcomes for young people


Youth development strategy Aotearoa

This is about how government and society can support young women and men aged 12 to 24 years inclusive to develop the skills and attitudes they need to take part positively in society, now and in the future.

Youth development strategy Aotearoa

We have three YDSA posters that give an overview of the strategy.

Youth development strategy Aotearoa flyer

A summary of the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa

Youth Engagement in Local Government.

Youth Engagement in Local Government Factsheet

YMH Guidelines - thumbnail

Guidelines designed to assist agencies develop youth friendly mental health resources via print, online or social media

Youth participation benefits for your organisation

Youth participation supports better decisions, involves those who cannot vote and improves outcomes for young people and communities

Action Plan

Use this Youth Participation in Decision-Making Action Plan to plan how to involve young people in decision-making and a list of things to think about when completing your project plan.

Look Closer

Youth services directories from Family and Community Services help young people to find support services in their region.