Partnership Fund

A priority for the Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) – Te Manatū Whakahiato Taiohi is the establishment of partnerships with business and philanthropic organisations, iwi, government, and other funders to collectively engage and collaborate in order to support quality youth development opportunities.

Partnership Fund

A key criterion for the Partnership Fund is that there is an identified partnership with matched funding from one or more funders to support youth development opportunities. Our vision is for partnership across sectors to enable the achievement of greater and better results.

We know that some young people don't have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential and actively participate in their communities. We want to level the playing field so that all young people are empowered to live the kinds of lives they value.

We will be bringing a particular focus to supporting rangatahi Māori, Pacific young people, rainbow¹ young people, disabled young people, young women, young people living in the regions², and young people from ethnic communities, in particular those from a refugee and migrant background.

We support programmes that contribute to the wellbeing outcomes for young people. These will vary for different young people and in different communities, but general youth wellbeing outcomes listed below are expected to be present in all programmes considered:

  • Young people have a sense of belonging, they feel connected to communities.
  • Young people are able to explore their culture and identity and feel positive about who they are.
  • Young people have a sense of contributing to society; their opinions are listened to and valued.
  • Young people understand their strengths; they feel equipped to deal with adversity or change.

The Partnership Fund is not a contestable fund and does not accept applications for funding. If you have a partnership proposal for consideration that meets the key criteria above, please contact partnershipfund[at] MYD welcomes discussions with other organisations that are investing in the development of young people.

¹ We use the term 'rainbow' to include all people under the sex, sexuality and gender diversity umbrellas.
² 'The regions' refers to non-urban, rural and often isolated regions across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Information Release

Proposal to disestablish the Partnership Fund Board

This paper seeks agreement to disestablish the Partnership Fund Board and instead use existing networks and expertise within MYD to formally oversee the Partnership Fund.