National Youth Advisory Group

The National Youth Advisory Group provides advice to the Ministry of Youth Development from a young person’s viewpoint. The National Youth Advisory Group was created in 2010 to advise the Ministry and other government agencies on policies, services and programmes being developed for young people. The group creates opportunities for young people to influence, solve problems, inform, shape, design and contribute to an activity or idea. Members are selected to ensure a broad cross-section of youth around New Zealand.

About the National Youth Advisory Group

National Youth Advisory Group

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The National Youth Advisory Group aims to:

  • advise on the youth friendliness of proposed government strategies and publications
  • provide a youth perspective on funding panels
  • co-facilitate citizenship workshops
  • consult young people and pass on their views to government

Interested? Want to apply?

Contact your nearest MYD regional office for more information on our National Youth Advisory groups.

National Youth Advisor’s 2015 experience

What does being a National Youth Advisor mean from a young person’s perspective?

“Youth Advisory Groups provide a way for organisations to ensure youth ideas are heard at a decision making level, for decisions that affect youth. The National Youth Advisory Group acts to provide relevant and timely youth perspectives to inform the work which needs to be done over a range of issues to those including central government organisations, businesses and other providers”.

Why should you become a National Youth Advisor?

“This is a chance for you as a young person to be engaged by key community leaders at a high level where the impact of decisions fall on many people”.

How did it change your life?

“The opportunity to work with other National Youth Advisors, alongside key staff and outside providers, has been incredible! It allows you to give meaningful advice on how young people’s views are crucial to positive outcomes”.

What I have been up to do during my year as a National Youth Advisor?

“We work with a range of organisations to ensure that various programmes and service deliveries are made with young people in mind. We’ve been involved with the Mental Health Foundation, Stage Challenge, Studylink, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Social Development, alongside sitting on funding panels like the Youth Fund and the Youth Development Partnership Fund. We’re constantly looking for more ways to ensure young people are considered”.

The challenges I had to face during my year as a National Youth Advisor:

“As always, time plays a huge part in your ability to participate and engage. However, through careful time management a balance can be found. For this sort of work, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it”.

Interview with Brad Olsen, National Youth Advisor 2015

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National Youth Advisor’s role

Young people at Oriental Parade

The National Youth Advisors:

  • provide a youth perspective on funding panels
  • advise on the youth friendliness of Ministry promotional material and publications
  • promote the Aotearoa Youth Voices network, and possibly co-facilitate workshops
  • assist the Ministry of Youth Development to respond to requests from a range of stakeholders

National Youth Advisor Criteria & Commitment

As a National Youth Advisor you will need to:

  • be available for a couple days a year, typically during a work day
  • be reachable by mobile phone and internet. Check email daily and have a Facebook profile
  • be comfortable giving a speech in a public meeting or the Minister for Youth
  • be representative of your district’s young people, while being yourself

Recognition from the Ministry of Youth Development

The Ministry of Youth Development recognises the voluntary nature of the advisor role, and shall provide letters for resumes at the end of your term.

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